Ollie's Website

Hi! Welcome to my website. Redesigned.

Felt like it was a time for a redesign. So, I pulled my fingers out the web design graveyard and gave it a shot. I quite like it actually. Sure, it's based of the rewardbot general design, but I liked its design. I've adapted it a bit, but the overall theme is pretty much the same.

About me

I am a 17 year old developer based in the United States of Kingdom Canada Boris Johnson Coins. England, for shorthand.

D e v e l o p e r ?  Well, I made the website myself you see. Along with many other projects you can find on my GitHub. You can find the source code for this website there, too!

I enjoy coding in C#, JavaScript, and PHP apparently.. I can also do a bit of C, but I'm not great at it, especially when it comes to the memory management..


Anyway, time to move along now. If you're that interested in how this site works, feel free to check out the GitHub links.

By the way, this site is still a WIP! Stuff might be broken. I hope this will be fixed in due course. Enjoy for now!